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North Tacoma police presence

by AP on April 12, 2009, one comment

I’m not sure whether to feel safe or watched. A strong police presence has turned up in the north end lately. The Proctor District in particular has been teeming with squad cars. Has there been a flare-up of crime? Are they bored? Are they here to write more traffic tickets? I suppose I should feel […]

Red light cameras in Tacoma, part II

by AP on June 12, 2008, 8 comments

Things have gone completely downhill since we last visited the topic of Tacoma’s shiny, new red light cameras. More of these little buggers are popping up all the time. Kamerakrieg is well underway around town and I’m much more pissed off than before. The dipshits over at traffic central are rumored to be enjoying the […]

New bridge and traffic cameras. Dumb and dumber.

by AP on June 12, 2007, no comments

So the new Narrows bridge is a wink away from opening and I remain less than convinced that it will improve the overall flow of traffic between I-5 and Gig Harbor. How will the Nalley Valley S-curves capacity be improved? I feel as though me may be moving the bottleneck slowly from the Narrows toward […]

Let’s give ‘em something to talk about

by AP on April 20, 2007, 2 comments

The Dock Street/Downtown waterfront of Tacoma is in trouble. The museum restaurant has closed, following the Blue Olive on their way out of town. The pedestrian bridge over I-705 is proving to be insufficient in fueling foot traffic from Pacific Avenue to Dock Street. Even before these closures, Dock Street has been a ghost town, […]

Intersection cameras

by AP on April 11, 2007, one comment

The idea of putting Lakewood-inspired cameras in Tacoma intersections to catch speeders and yellow-to-red light runners is absurd for a battery of reasons. First and foremost, nobody should ever be forced to slam on their brakes because a light is changing colors. I haven’t stopped hard for yellow-to-red light in years, and I don’t like […]