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Electric skateboards everywhere!

by AP on August 29, 2016, no comments

It seems every day a different, new-age gadget goes rolling past me in the Proctor District. These battery-powered means of transportation are quieter and faster than before and it’s time for me to take a closer look. The high-end models are typically not available in local retail stores so we will take to the interwaves […]

Snow day perfect for urban skiing

by AP on January 18, 2012, one comment

It’s been a few years since we had this much snow on the ground. Had to get the rock skis dusted off and ready for 36th hill. What a joy. There are quite a few people out playing in the snow today. Terry’s Office Tavern was bustling and the turns on the east facing slopes […]

North end walking

by AP on February 27, 2010, one comment

I took my first walk through the north end with my daughter in a stroller and my faithful puppy dog earlier today. While it has always been apparent that the neighborhood is walkable, it occurred to me that I couldn’t ask for a better place to raise a child in this region. During a 45-minute […]

Partridge District?

by AP on November 8, 2009, one comment

I had a conversation with myself and decided to go ahead with this thought. Before I begin, let me just say that I love the Proctor District, especially when it’s not crawling with middle schoolers. The honorable Proctor District has left a sour taste in my mouth lately. There is considerable traffic, delay, construction and […]