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World Water Ski Racing Championship in Tacoma

by AP on March 28, 2017, no comments

On your marks! Get set for something unusual coming to Tacoma July 26, 2017. Have you ever seen water-skiers go over 100mph? I haven’t. It looks kinda like this: This year the World Water Ski Racing Championship will conduct preliminary races in Commencement Bay with the final heats taking place at Seafair in Seattle. In […]

Electric skateboards everywhere!

by AP on August 29, 2016, no comments

It seems every day a different, new-age gadget goes rolling past me in the Proctor District. These battery-powered means of transportation are quieter and faster than before and it’s time for me to take a closer look. The high-end models are typically not available in local retail stores so we will take to the interwaves […]

Kayak Tacoma but don’t be an idiot

by AP on June 27, 2016, one comment

Idiot’s Rule. Jane’s Addiction said so. This doesn’t mean you should be an idiot. There seems to be an epidemic of idiocy down at Owen Beach at Point Defiance. Too often, inexperienced folks wander north on Owen Beach toward the Point, on foot or in a kayak, and they have no clue what they are […]

This ain’t yer grandma’s Wednesday

by AP on August 15, 2012, no comments

Wednesday on the Water is finally catching on. It’s taken many years and countless posts for this never-going-to-be-a-household-name event to catch on. At least a dozen people have now participated and there’s no telling where inertia might take us. In Tacoma we gather on Wednesday nights half the year to paddle around Commencement Bay or […]

Wednesday on the Water Tuesday

by AP on September 14, 2009, 2 comments

We’re running Wednesday on the Water a day early this week. Instead of the usual routine on Ruston Way, we’re launching 3 boats at Chambers Bay at 8:15am tomorrow, 9/15/09. If you are interested in taking the tide for a ride, park by the bridge and drop next to the chain link fence. Extremely low […]

Ruston Way waterfront development

by AP on April 15, 2009, 3 comments

The Ruston Way waterfront will see limited development in the years to come. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the only major, public exception involves the parcel just southeast of Harbor Lights. In other words, the only decent “beach” along the entire stretch may be marked for death. With a mile of […]

Free, dumb, fair

by AP on July 4, 2007, 2 comments

No matter which side you’re on, I bet you’ll agree with me on this one. Fire & brimstone, sodomy, lesbopervs and their roles within the church do not paint a picture I want screamed in my face at the Freedom Fair. Did anyone else see the freak with the huge and inappropriate-for-children sign and the […]

Need more kayaks

by AP on April 26, 2007, one comment

The turnout was like the weather – less than ideal by most peoples’ judgment. To that, I say “BAH!” There was plenty going on from my perspective and if you didn’t make it out, bummer for you. If you live in Washington and can’t appreciate the weather last night, then please move to Florida NOW. […]

Building fire on Ruston Way

by AP on April 18, 2007, no comments

I went down for takeout on the waterfront this evening and stumbled upon a large fire. The old building just south of Harbor Lights on Ruston Way was an inferno around 6:30pm. The road was closed, fire trucks and firemen everywhere. They had been there for awhile, so the sirens were off, and the entire […]