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Best sandwich award: Harbor Greens

by AP on December 16, 2015, no comments

There’s a new sheriff in town. It’s not a new venue, but its footprint atop the sandwich-scape of Tacoma, quite frankly is new. Based on myriad factors, in a matrix of reasoning, Harbor Greens’ sandwiches are the new gold standard, narrowly beating out MSM and Met Market for the local crown. I will walk you […]

WANTED: Bagel shop in Tacoma

by AP on January 7, 2010, one comment

I had to make a run to Sea-tac airport this morning. Early. Aside from my morning pot of coffee, the chief motivator for me today was the notion of actually enjoying a fresh, authentic bagel for breakfast. Of course, there aren’t any fresh bagels to be had in Tacoma. How did I do it? What’s […]

Forza breakfast sandwich from Pacific Grill

by AP on October 21, 2009, one comment

Forza has emerged from the depths of coffee anonymity with me. They have done exactly two things to win me over from a non-loyal, post-Starbuck’s, nomadic wandering. First, they offered 24oz. drinks. Thank god. Often 20oz. is not enough. Second, they began serving grilled breakfast sandwiches prepared by Pacific Grill. These are the very best […]

Pizza, coffee and a suntan TO GO

by AP on July 24, 2009, no comments

remember staring across Union at Poole’s Nursery on 6th Ave, wondering what if anything could ever revive that corner. It didn’t take long before Poole’s emerged in a far more industrious form, now known as Poole’s Corner. 3 stories of commercial energy rose out of the little corner, giving life to a host of businesses. […]

Much ado about nothing

by AP on July 18, 2009, no comments

Many people are saddened by the news that the Little Holland in Fircrest is closing. Personally, I’d be more disappointed if another one of my pets’ toys disappeared under a couch. The Little Holland’s building is in the way of a new commercial complex, and I assume they are being bought solely to clear space […]

New Mandolin Cafe kitchen open NOW

by AP on July 5, 2009, no comments

Without further ado, you are welcome to stop in for a meal at the Mandolin Cafe. They have done what few others have – the simple, the obvious, the lacking-in-Tacoma – free wi-fi, big tables, good coffee AND GOOD FOOD. Why is it so hard for restaurateurs to figure this one out? Hopefully, Mandolin Cafe […]

OMFG delicious

by AP on April 28, 2009, no comments

The Rock has long been a nighttime take-it-or-leave-it for me. Crowds, pricing and mediocrity have generally kept me away, save for the weekday lunch buffet (a Tacoma classic). After granting The Rock another chance, I can tell you the food, drinks and service were all off the charts. Bravo, Rock, bravo. Everybody knows that Pagliacci […]