Tacoma waterfront

tacoma waterfront restaurants, dining on the water

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Anthony's at Point Defiance5910 North Waterfront DriveTacoma, WA(253) 752-9700
Beach Tavern8612 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 564-9984
Boathouse 199001 S 19th StreetTacoma, WA(253) 565-1919
C.I. Shenanigan's3017 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 752-8811
Cliffhouse6300 Marine View Dr NETacoma, WA(253) 927-0400
Duke's Chowder House3327 Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 752-5444
Fishtales Bistro2201 Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 272-4104
frank's family drive-in3427 Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 759-2809
Harbor Lights2761 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 752-8600
Johnny's Dock1900 East D StreetTacoma, WA(253) 627-3186
katie downs tavern & restaurant3211 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 756-0771
lobster shop south4013 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 759-2165
Narrows Brewing Co9007 S 19th StTacoma, WA(253) 327-1400
Paesan Kitchen & Bar1701 Dock StTacoma, WA(253) 301-2396
Ram Restaurant & Brewery3001 Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 756-7886
Ram Restaurant & Brewery10019 59th Ave SWLakewood, WA(253) 584-3191
Rock the Dock Pub & Grill535 Dock StTacoma, WA(253) 272-5004
Shenanigan's3017 N Ruston WayTacoma, WA(253) 752-8811
Social Bar & Grill1715 Dock StreetTacoma, WA(253) 301-3835
Spar2121 N 30th StTacoma, WA(253) 627-8215
Steamers Seafood Cafe8802 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 565-4532
Tacoma Yacht Club5401 North Waterfront DriveTacoma, WA(253) 752-3555
Two Town Pub & Cafe5005 Main StRuston, WA(253) 212-9477

tacomalapse aerial video

Check out this fast motion aerial video of Tacoma, Washington from the summer of 2014. There are various terms being thrown around for fast motion style video - this style is called Tacomalapse, and it serves one purpose: to further prove that slow motion is boring.

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