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tacoma churches, religious organizations

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6th avenue baptist church2520 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-3472
6th avenue united methodist4501 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 759-2314
bethany presbyterian church4420 N 41st StTacoma, WA(253) 752-1123
browns point united methodist5339 Browns Point Blvd NETacoma, WA(253) 927-3188
canyon ridge church8415 Waller Road ETacoma, WA(253) 531-3377
center for spiritual living206 North J StreetTacoma, WA(253) 383-3151
central lutheran church409 Tacoma Ave NTacoma, WA(253) 383-5528
christ episcopal church310 North K StTacoma, WA(253) 383-1569
christian science902 Division AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-4054
Church in Tacoma5012 N 14th StTacoma, WA(253) 759-0209
church of jesus christ of l.d.s.1201 S 4th StTacoma, WA(253) 627-0240
city central church3630 S Cedar StTacoma, WA(253) 404-0177
cornerstone fellowship4030 Blossom Dr NETacoma, WA(253) 927-0464
dightman's bible book center2941 S 38th StTacoma, WA(253) 475-0990
discovery community church4501 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 761-1357
door christian fellowship church3013 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 370-9759
emmanuel lutheran church1315 N Stevens StTacoma, WA(253) 752-1195
evangelical city church3502 N Mullen StTacoma, WA(253) 752-5219
Faith Baptist Church5714 29th St NETacoma, WA(253) 927-7673
first christian church602 N Orchard StTacoma, WA(253) 752-7734
first united methodist church621 Tacoma Ave STacoma, WA(253) 627-0129
friends meeting - quaker3019 N 21st StTacoma, WA(253) 759-1910
grace baptist church2507 N Vassault StTacoma, WA(253) 752-6643
holy cross church5510 N 44th StTacoma, WA(253) 759-3368
holy rosary church424 S 30th StTacoma, WA(253) 627-8477
immanuel presbyterian church901 North J StTacoma, WA(253) 272-1239
Islamic Center of Tacoma2010 Bridgeport Way WUniversity Place, WA(253) 565-0314
jehovah's witnesses804 N State StTacoma, WA(253) 627-5090
macedonia missionary baptist church1201 South J StreetTacoma, WA(253) 537-5449
mason united methodist church2710 N Madison StTacoma, WA(253) 759-3539
mount tahoma 7th day adventist615 N Sprague AveTacoma, WA(253) 572-6470
olympic view friends church201 Browns Point Blvd NETacoma, WA(253) 927-9151
peace assembly2213 N Warner StTacoma, WA(253) 752-2161
point defiance christian3939 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 752-4795
Potters House of Tacoma1615 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 572-7064
resurrection lutheran4301 Browns Point Blvd NETacoma, WA(253) 927-3301
salvation army1521 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 627-3962
st andrew's episcopal church7410 S 12th StTacoma, WA(253) 564-4402
st luke's memorial episcopal3615 N Gove StTacoma, WA(253) 759-3534
st marks lutheran church6730 N 17th StTacoma, WA(253) 752-4966
st patrick church1001 North J StTacoma, WA(253) 383-2783
st peter's church2910 N Starr StTacoma, WA(253) 272-4406
st. leo's church710 South 13th StreetTacoma, WA(253) 272-5136
Tacoma Buddhist Temple1717 Fawcett AveTacoma, WA(253) 627-1417
Tacoma Islamic Center2010 Bridgeport Way SWUniversity Place, WA(253) 565-0314
Tacoma United Pentecostal Church3201 S 43rd StTacoma, WA(253) 474-6114
tapestry covenant church4141 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 761-9971
temple beth el5975 S 12th StTacoma, WA(253) 564-7101
trinity presbyterian church1615 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 272-8819
true vine community church5715 N 33rd StTacoma, WA(253) 759-9059
urban grace church902 Market StTacoma, WA(253) 272-2184
westgate baptist church1801 N Pearl StTacoma, WA(253) 759-7757
zion lutheran church3410 6th AveTacoma, WA(253) 752-1264

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